Who is she?

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As a young Philosophy student, currently pursuing my undergraduate degree, I have an innate desire to contemplate both the external and internal world. After recently becoming interested in the Phenomenological and mystic trains of thought (ie.Schopenhauer) as well as becoming more interested in the Philosophy of Art (specifically in Goethe and Novalis) I have found a deep need to express my inner self and explore through both my emotions and contemplations as a means of self discovery. There are 3 different stories in my blog. Each female, represented as ‘she’, is ruminating on different planes of experiences.

1. She and He is about a girl who thinks she has fallen in love.

2.She and Them is about a young girl and her inner experiences in groups of people

3. She and Herself is about a young girl meditating upon herself in her bedroom late at night.

These ‘shorts’ I hope will provide deeper insight into myself and possibly others. Please feel free to comment, contact, like or dislike my posts. All people are welcome.

Also, let it be noted that I am not an experienced writer and my techne is a work in progress. If you are following me, feel free to critique and provide constructive criticisms.